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One of the most powerful and secure crypto mining algorithms in the world is X11, an algorithm designed on the basis of using a sequence of different hash functions, with a single purpose: to offer the best possible security for cryptocurrency mining.

A higher level of security

This is because not only one hash function is used, several of them are used.

In simple to program

X11 programming is not as complex as creating a new hash function might be. Instead, the work of already secure functions is used to create a more secure system.

It is friendlier in terms of computing power

X11 is less demanding in terms of computing power to be successfully resolved. BLAKE the initial function is very fast and computationally inexpensive compared to SHA-256.

It is possible to reconfigure the algorithm

You can even add additional hash functions like X13 or X17, which are just X11 variants with more active hashes.

Offers great mining performance on CPU and GPU

Offering a good level of profit to those who mine with this type of device.

X11 algorithm

Works on a sequence of 11 different cryptographic hash functions

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